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About Us
Sakal is the largest independently owned Media Business in Maharashtra (India). Based in Pune, Sakal operations consist of regional newspapers, magazines, and Internet publishing.
With its legacy spanning over 78 long years, Sakal today is deep rooted in the lives of Maharashtrians everywhere. Local to Global, from Information to Entertainment, from Education to Social Welfare, Sakal’s has remained focused on innovating and celebrating the core values of humanity.
With its presence across media and geographies, Sakal Group is one of the leading diversified media entities in India.
Headquartered in Pune, the Sakal Group is a vast media syndicate that has made a vivid imprint on the media canvas. With seven core publications that include three Marathi and two English dailies besides two Marathi weeklies Sakal extensively covers Maharashtra and Goa. Sakal enjoys a loyal readership of over six million discerning people. What’s more, its e-paper is assiduously accessed by Netizens all over the globe giving the Sakal Group phenomenally wide penetration and reach. Besides, the Sakal Group also organizes special events throughout the year, brings out educational weekly, yellow pages, and also undertakes commercial printing.
Focused Talent
Sakal is a people-oriented organization. It has a resource pool comprising motivated, dynamic individuals who channel their ideas and energies towards achieving the broader corporate goal. They are educated, competent and experienced persons who possess skill sets that drive the Company. We have an open and pulsating work environment that offers scope for advancement and growth. Our strength lies in our core team of 1,800 employees and network of 25,000 plus vendors, who have what it takes to make the Sakal brand so unique. We inspire peak performance from each of the employees, all the time. We have adopted a 360degree Performance Management System that continuously monitors and appraises the performance of the individual.
Sakal Media Group owns businesses in Publishing for print and digital media, event management services, commercial printing services, and television production.
Sakal owns a range of regional newspapers, Internet news and online services portals, and an upcoming television channel for national news.
Our businesses can be classified as below:
Furthermore, the Sakal Group publishes Agrowon, a 16-page tabloid newspaper dedicated exclusively to agriculture. Having six editions, Agrowon is the only one of its kind in Asia!

Besides, Sakal’s 54321 SMS-based services offer mobile users in Maharashtra and Goa fresh updates on a wide range of topics. Mobile venture is extended further and Group has started ‘Sakaal’, a push SMS service. And now, the Sakal Group is also associated with the new general entertainment channel, SAAM MARATHI, launched on Aug 15, 2008.

The Events Division of the Sakal Group organizes special events with mass appeal like exhibitions, conferences and seminars. And, to top it all, the Sakal Group of Publications works for social causes through its instruments like the Sakal Relief Fund, which is aimed at providing immediate aid to victims of natural disasters, and Madhurangan, which is an exclusive forum for women, to name just two.

The Sakal Group is committed to adoption of the latest technologies like Smartflow and SAP, which have enabled it to maintain its high levels of quality. Similarly, incorporation of the Six Sigma philosophy of management clearly indicates Sakal’s desire to keep up with the times.